Past Association speakers have included Liam Fox, Theresa May and Jacob Rees-Mogg and this year we look forward to welcoming the likes of Greg Clark, Dominic Grieve and Sir Malcolm Rifkind. Further to our speaker events, the Association regularly holds inter/intra party debates.

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No – it’s not all about quaffing champers in a three-piece! The Association takes full advantage of our central London location. We host top-notch nights for our Kingsmen in addition to many a bar crawl, formals and infamous ‘Westminster Fridays’!

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The Association regularly fields members to campaign for Conservative causes, spanning from general elections to council wards, local communities to assisting on national APPG’s. This can take place out on the ground, or in the more cosy offices of CCHQ, Westminster or even King’s itself.

We encourage our members to be politically active, to put our principles into action. Indeed, it is imperative to do our utmost to help others while we have a unique platform to do so.

Charity and Our Local Community.

Here at the King’s Conservatives, we believe that it is our duty to put principles into action. And as citizens, we believe it is imperative that we encourage this not just among fellow party members, but among our community as a whole.

This year we are proud to be launching a number of incentives to help those in need. Be it supporting shelters by raising funds and offering assistance on the ground, or by gathering supplies to donate directly to them.

Spearheaded by our Treasurer – Emmanuel Janssens – and President – Emily Slatter, we will be working closely with schools and Youth Centers also, trying to encourage engagement in politics which transcends party divisions.

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